The Parish Council is a transparent organisation, elected for the benefit of residents and our community stakeholders. it operates to a strict set of rules, within its Statutory Powers, and has the General Power of Competence giving it the freedom to act, as an individual could, within the law, for the benefit of parishioners. All its dealing and documents are available to members of the public.

If there is anything you wish to know, or if we can assist with living in Berryfields, please get in touch. You can email us at, or call the office 01296 925750 during office hours from 10am to 2pm on weekdays. If there is no reply we may be out in the Parish please leave a message and we'll call back.

The PC is not the responsible Authority for roads and transport, of street lighting. Once these are adopted it will be Buckinghamshire Council. Similarly, planning decisions are made there. If you are unsure, we are able to help. We work closely with other Authorities to ensure Berryfields receives the best service and to help us deal with any issues on residents' behalf.

Over the next few years, the public spaces and land as well as all playgrounds will be taken over by the Parish Council. We currently own Marston Brook and Marston Green, Roman Park and Roman Park Playground, Gateway Park and the ditches along the lower part of Martin Dalby Way to the traffic lights, Berryfields Green land at Noble Crescent. All playgrounds are listed on the Parks & Recreation Areaspage of this website. The PC manages all playgrounds and they are inspected for safely fortnightly in winter and weekly in the summer months. Our land contractors manage grass cutting and maintenance; litter and dog waste removed is contracted to Buckinghamshire Council.

Our allotments are fully let and we have a long waiting list. For more information about our allotments at Roman Park please visit our allotments page.

If you would like to report any issues you see in our parks or on the land please either call the office on 01296 925750, or email us at

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