Berry Pickers is a Berryfields litter picking group formed in April 2021. The group saw the end of their first year finishing with at least 375 bags of rubbish collected. We gave out at least 13 medals to our junior Pickers and now have 570 active members of on our Facebook group.

We have run seven large events but see many solo picks done throughout the week by many of our fabulous volunteers and families.  We have had the pleasure of meeting so many like-minded people, our aim is to make litter picking fun for children to educate and encourage so to instil an awareness of the environment for future generations.

We have teamed up with the mighty Aylesbury Wombles and the Church on Berryfields on a few occasions which saw amazing teamwork for our community and home to be safer and cleaner for all.   Our themed fancy dress events seem to be a huge hit with our community.

A huge thank you to MV Kelly and Ashley Waite for helping source equipment and disposing of rubbish whenever they could. We have received donations from generous local businesses and a helping hand from so many with our cause. We thank you all for your continued support and look forward to working with you all in the future.

Join our Facebook page, “Berry Pickers”, for more updates and further information about joining us and borrowing equipment.