Councillor Bindu Gundapudi

Name: Councillor Bindu Gundapudi

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Position: Councillor

Status: Active

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My name is Himabindu Gundapudi. I am married with two beautiful young children, working for our beloved NHS as a Clinical Pharmacist. I moved to the UK from India in 2006, and have lived in Berryfields since 2016. I was welcomed and well received by the neighbours who ensured that I settled in smoothly. I am a regular walker on the Waddesdon Greenway, if you spot me, please do say “Hello”! I feel so lucky to have chosen Berryfields as a place for my children to grow up and I want to ensure Berryfields remains a place of choice for families to raise their children. This community is a wonderful example of how people from various cultures and walks of life can live in harmony with respect and dignity. I am incredibly proud to be part of this wonderful, thriving community.